Service on a Shoestring: Delivering Memorable Service without Breaking the Bank – By Shannon Pruce – Account Director, LRA Worldwide, Inc

Growing up, birthdays and every other major milestone always had one dreaded downside – the thank you note. After the candles had been extinguished and the presents unwrapped, the tedious thank you note process began. With it came the inevitable internal debate – did the benefit of the new playthings outweigh the psychic and physical pain (writer’s cramp is no joke!) inflicted by the stack of note cards?

Stop Using the Economy as an Excuse! – By Roberta Chinsky Matuson

Leaders are using the economy as an excuse on a daily basis. Don’t believe me? Just ask your managers why now it’s okay to lay-off those employees who haven’t come close to meeting their performance objectives over the past several years. Perhaps your company could have avoided lay-offs if the entire team had been operating on all four cylinders. This is just one example of how companies are using the economy as an excuse for poor decisions. Here are some others.

Lessons from the Field – A baker’s dozen of fundamentals for retaining quality staff – By John Hogan

In 2008, I felt honored to be asked to create and deliver a focused program on the experience economy for one of the major international hospitality companies that offers a number of brands in its portfolio. This series of ten programs held across North America offered practical ideas on ways to capitalize on guest understanding and the program was added to their corporate university web site as a resource.

Make the ‘G’ and the ‘E’ in GREEN Stand for ‘Guest Experience’ – By Rob Rush

There was a time not too long ago that the prospect of a ‘green’ hotel stay conjured up visceral images of toilet paper with the consistency of burlap and ambient lighting provided via the torch of indigenous tribesmen. As the quality of green supplies has improved and the understanding of sustainable practices has widened, clearly a ‘green’ hotel stay is no longer synonymous with sacrifice.