HVS Report – Emerging Hotel Brands – By Brittany Hart

While numerous lodging brands are available to hotel owners through franchises, new brands continue to emerge. In 2020, several new brands have been introduced, providing unique niches in the marketplace to meet the demands of both hotel owners and guests. This article reviews the brands announced in 2020 and considers how they are poised to operate during the current economic climate.

How Rooms-Only Business Impacts a U.S. Break-Even Analysis – By David Eisen

A hotel’s overall performance is the sum of its parts. Though the bulk of revenue is derived from the renting of rooms, there are other arrows in a hotel’s quiver that can generate cash flow, such as restaurants, bars, meetings and events, spas, golf, parking, retail and more. Therein lies the rub: COVID-19, for now, has all but vanquished these ancillary revenue streams, a blow especially to luxury and full-service hotels that typically offer these services.

Horwath Report – Hotel Management Agreements: Creating a ‘win-win’ Relationship – By John Duran

While the future cannot be perfectly predicted, protectants can be put into place that provides the option of a favorable choice of action. The COVID-19 pandemic has put additional pressure on hotel owners and operators, which in turn has resulted in disunity during a critical period. It is times like these, that owners and operators find the terms of their Hotel Management Agreement (HMA), which they had made clear sense at the time, did not stand the test of time.