Younger Boomers Have Been Squeezed Most by the Recession, Reports Mintel

The economic climate of the past few years has been difficult on many consumers, but it seems not everyone is coming out of the recent recession on equal footing. Research conducted by the market research firm Mintel shows that 45-54-year-olds (younger Baby Boomers and older Gen X respondents) will definitely be taking longer to recover. For instance, 47% of that group (vs. 33% overall) say they ‘have only been spending money on necessities’ for at least a year.

Amadeus Report Finds Middle East Poised to Become the World’s Dominant Global Travel Hub

In the Middle East, $4 trillion USD has been announced in travel and tourism projects, $86 billion USD is earmarked for airport development and $7 billion USD is being invested in hotel projects – The number of tourists to the Middle East is projected to double to 136 million by 2020 – Dubai International Airport ranked 11th in passenger traffic in 2010