Top 3 Technology Trends Casinos Should Watch for at 2019 Oi Summit – By Raj Singh, CEO, Go Moment

Across the country, casinos and resorts are being disrupted by innovative, connected, 'always-on' technologies. This disruption has been led largely by guest demand. Guests have come to expect instant answers and service at their fingertips by way of their mobile phones. Recently, Google’s Chief Evangelist of Brand Marketing, Gopi Kallayil, said that the pervasiveness of this kind of connectivity has created 'rapid, cultural shifts and changed the way people expect things from their brands.' This has created 'more curious, demanding, and impatient consumers.'

How to Leverage Business Intelligence to Improve Hotel Performance

Business Intelligence (BI) plays a key role in helping hotel operators make smarter and more timely decisions. A new groundbreaking study from Starfleet Research explains how hotels that use advanced BI tools and capabilities to transform raw data into actionable insights are driving significant improvements in various aspects of their operational and financial performance.

The New Era of Personalization: The Hyperconnected Guest Experience – By Jos Schaap

With the onset of 2019, we’ve stumbled upon a rather interesting (albeit, integral) crossroads in the hospitality realm. As consumer technology continues to expand its influence and popular adoption across industries, brands are realizing mounting pressure to adapt to this new age of technological personalization and hyper-connectivity. Why? Because with heightened technology and uninhibited connection across platforms, comes higher stakes and those companies who fail to keep up are, simply put, at risk of being left behind. And rest assured, hotels are no different.