The Truth Behind Why Guests Want More Tech in Hotels, But With a Human Touch – By Ryan King Director of Strategic Partnerships – StayNTouch

Brands today have reached a rather exciting crossroad within this digital age. On the one hand, consumers have expressed an undeniable demand for an increase in their digital experience that perpetuates a culture of convenience and instant gratification. However, on the other hand, there still exists a need for human touch across various touch-points within the consumer experience.

Robot Rooms – How Guests Use and Perceive Hotel Robots (PDF Download)

Chief problems occur when the robot cannot recognize operation commands, when guests must repeat their request, and when the robot isn’t actually programmed for a particular operation. Asked what services they expect from a hotel robot, guests cited food distribution, delivering goods, handling check-in and checkout, and providing travel information and consumption recommendations.

What You Should Look For – and Avoid – In a Hotel Smartconcierge – By Raj Singh, CEO, Go Moment

Everyone’s talking about hotel technology and the hotels of tomorrow. We hear about smart rooms, the Internet of Things (IoT), ambient intelligence, voice search and assistance, personalization, and artificial intelligence (AI). They may seem futuristic, but many of them are already realities. Take the AI-powered hotel smartconcierge, for example.

Key Areas Where Top-Performing Hoteliers Are Focusing Their Efforts

Every hotelier, it seems, is on a never-ending quest to improve business operations, the guest experience, and financial performance. Technology can help. According to The 2019 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management Systems (now available for complimentary download), the following are a few key areas where top-performing hoteliers are focusing their efforts.

Are Travel Companies Ready for the Digital Revolution?

According to the World Economic Forum, digitisation in the aviation, travel and tourism industries is expected to create up to USD305 billion in value through increased profitability up to 2025. This should make digitisation a key priority for the travel industry, however, achieving a strong platform to do so is proving difficult for travel brands. This is one of the findings from the new Understanding Customer Behaviour Through Demand-Based Analytics white paper from EyeforTravel and Datumize, which is free to download now.