COVID-19 Hotel Recovery Strategy: Top 10 Digital Strategies While Travel is on Pause – By Margaret Mastrogiacomo, EVP Strategy

Based on research from CBRE, from the start of the US outbreak in January 2020, it is predicted that it will take approximately 6-10 months (June) for US hotel demand to recover, and 12-16 months (December) for ADR and RevPAR to recover. Therefore, hoteliers need to take the necessary steps to adequately prepare for recovery, while also setting proper expectations and KPIs.

Hotel Sales Teams: Two Sales Tasks You Can Do This Week To Get Ready For The Rebound – By Doug Kennedy

For most hotels in North America, the sales team is entering week three of the Covid19 disruption. The first week or so was just crazy, as salespeople from all market segments endured a frantic wave of cancelations and postponements. Just as that wave was starting to pass, most sales leaders had to make the difficult move of furloughing or laying off sales staff to pare down the payroll costs.

In the Time of COVID-19: Top 5 Things You Need to Know Now in Hotel Digital Marketing – By Margaret Mastrogiacomo, EVP Strategy

As we navigate unprecedented times during the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has put travel on pause. While everyone is social distancing, people continue to stay connected online through social media, FaceTime, video conferencing, and email. People are searching for an escape and for quality content to lessen their stress and enhance the quality of time at home. In light of this, many hotels can continue creating valuable and entertaining content across channels to stay connected with guests.

The Adoption of a Long-term Perspective in a Time of Crisis: Why Now is Not the Time to Let Your Marketing and Communications Go Dark – By Alan E. Young

Each day, we awake to a news cycle brimming with critical updates that directly impact the well-being of our business, the experience of our clients, and find ourselves wondering: What could possibly come next? And now, as more closures commence around the world, social distancing practices go into effect, and travel bans are enforced, we find ourselves facing uncharted territory. But it’s not all bad news. The cancelations or postponements of live events, meetings and conferences and the increasing barriers of face-to-face business have opened up new opportunities for brands to build on their digital strategies.

Marketing in the Age of Coronavirus

Marketing never stops. Even when a crisis event like coronavirus seems to be consuming everyone’s attention, you still have to get your message out – but do so in a sensitive, thoughtful way. How? Brian Hall, chief marketing officer of Explore St. Louis and a member of the HSMAI Americas Board of Directors, recently offered some insights.