Pop Up Hotels, Autonomous Vehicle Sightseeing and Other Trends to Watch in 2020 and Beyond – By Alan E. Young

Two decades ago, if I were to have asked you what the world would look like in 2020, what would you have said? Would you have anticipated the steady rise of self-service technology, tools allowing for instant gratification across all aspects of our life, and artificial intelligence? The autonomous vehicle? The seemingly endless runway of possibility stretches before us, with the help of cutting-edge platforms that were once merely a futuristic concept?

Google Eyes: More and More Travelers Are Looking to Google – By Nick Hopkins

Let’s start off with a few eye-opening statistics from Google and their recent Travelers Attitudes & Behaviors research. This report shows that 79% of mobile travelers completed a booking after doing research on their smartphone. In addition, 83% of mobile business travelers have booked travel after doing research on their smartphone. Additionally, 75% of travelers start by using a search engine to find places to stay, according to the latest imFORZA marketing research report.

Hotel Guests Are Becoming ‘Data Nodes’ – By Alan E. Young

Almost daily, employees enthusiastically circle a web address at the bottom of our receipt for us to complete a customer service survey, promising a chance to win a trip for two to some far-away beach, or maybe a shopping spree. Quite frankly, the prompt is so familiar most of us have grown accustomed to tuning it out as soon as the employee begins their spiel, pleasantly smiling as we gather our bags to leave the store.