In-house or Outsourced – Where Will Your Growth Come from in 2021? – By Denise Powers, Founder and CEO of Fountainhead

For all the challenges that Covid has created in the travel industry, it has also taught us some important lessons. First among these is that survival and growth depend on pivots, innovation, evolution – new approaches and new ways of thinking. We’re reaching a point when it’s time to start thinking about marketing again and that raises an important question. Where do you turn for the expert marketing that’s going to help deliver your recovery and growth in 2021?

The Battle For Direct Bookings Is Hand-to-Hand Combat, Not Aerial Strafing – By Doug Kennedy

For years now, hotels have been fighting desperately to win back market share from third parties such as Online Travel Agencies and thus reduce the cost of customer acquisition. Huge sums are spent on strategic initiatives such as ad campaigns, updating guest loyalty programs, improving organic and paid SEO, making sure the website tells the hotel’s story and ensuring a smooth journey from looking-to-booking.

HVS Report – Hotel Sales Teams: 2020 is Behind Us but Not the Pandemic. Now What? – By JoAnn M. Mulnix-Morris

In Spring 2020, many hotels were forced to furlough most on-property Sales Managers because so much demand for hotels disappeared with the pandemic, requiring any remaining team members to be responsible for market segments which previously were not their responsibility. These remaining Sales Managers were forced to adapt to many other changes in a short time, including rescheduling/canceling events.

5 Reasons Why On-Site Communication Will Be Key in a Post-Coronavirus World – By Laura Badiu

Hotel-guest communication is one of the most important and decisive aspects of a speedy and healthy recovery. The boundaries of communication have significantly stretched in the last decade and simply greeting the guest and replying to a post-stay survey won’t cut it anymore. It’s safe to assume that in the post-coronavirus travel landscape, real, open, and transparent communications with your guests will weigh quite heavily.