Hotel Budget Season – Tips for Your 2020 Strategy – By Valerie Castillo

It’s officially budget season again, and the growing list of priorities and considerations for a successful 2020 is currently top of mind. I know from my own experience that with so many investment options out there, it’s difficult to really know what will bring the most success in 2020. Personally, I like to rely on data and research to guide by strategy, because otherwise, it's a shot in the dark.

9 Travel Trends and Habits of Baby Boomers – By Alan E. Young

Anyone who has watched Dirty Dancing remembers the iconic line, 'Nobody puts Baby in the corner.' Well, hoteliers, what about baby boomers? Over the last few years, millennials have captured a great deal of attention across industries, with hospitality being no exception. Their unique travel behaviors and impressive buying power have generated sizeable interest from hoteliers around the globe, who are eager to tap into their psyche and earn the loyalty of this generational group.

HSMAI & ZS Release Incentive Plan Research Report

Take a deep dive into the state of hospitality incentives in a new Hotel Management Company Incentive Plan Research Report released by HSMAI and ZS to discover key findings in incentive compensation structure, metrics, revenue, goal attainment, and more. The report is designed to help hospitality leaders make informed decisions to maximize the design and success of incentive plans.