How To Help Your Front Desk Colleagues Overcome ‘Compassion Fatigue’ – By Doug Kennedy

As part of the prework I do before conducting on-site training workshops for front desk teams, I always look at the existing, in-house training standards and content. Nearly all programs cover the concepts of showing empathy, and especially at Forbes rated hotels, to establish authentic, emotional connections. Yet when I look at how colleagues are trained on how to deliver on these standards, I find that most managers are simply going over scripted welcome messages and reviewing interpersonal communications techniques at their meetings.

Tech Trends of 2020: Where Innovation Lies

Facial recognition. Robotics process automation (RPA). Voice assistance. As technology becomes the cornerstone in the way we do business and a key driver for the guest experience, we have all become relatively familiar with tech terms like these – But do we truly understand what they mean, and are we asking the right questions if we don’t?