Top 10 Hotel Budget Review Tips – By David Lund

You see, the game of budgets in most hotel companies where the corporate or regional master needs to approve the plan before it is presented to the owner, is a game of under promise now and hopefully over deliver next year. Some people I know call this the practice of sandbagging. It is not mean or deceitful, rather it is a game. If you are asleep at the switch when you are doing the review, well, that is your problem.

U.S. Hotel Interest Coverage – By Robert Mandelbaum and John B. Corgel, Ph.D.

Another way to assess the bottom-line health of the U.S. lodging industry is to examine the ability of hotel owners to meet their debt obligations. If hotel operations are generating enough funds to pay the interest on the loans taken out by the owners for purchasing, building, furnishing, or operating their properties, then the investment and lending community is at ease.