Business Travelers Sentiment Remains Strong with Most Frequent Travelers Wanting Even More Travel

Global business traveler sentiment concerning trip experiences improved modestly over last quarter, growing 0.4 points. Growth is highest among U.S. travelers which grew 5.7 points from last quarter. This suggests growing satisfaction with the overall travel experience. Most global travelers (68 percent) say they would travel more often if given the options.

What Happens When Government Per Diems Change? – By Bram Gallagher Ph.D. and Aman Patel

To assess how a change in the federal government per diem rates impact a lodging market, CBRE Hotels Research (CBRE) studied the Cobb County, Georgia market. Cobb County was chosen because in August of 2018 the GSA announced that it had designated Cobb County as new Non-Standard Area (NSA). In turn, the government per diem rate for Cobb Country dropped significantly for fiscal year 2019 which began in October 1, 2018.