Webinar: How Will Blockchain Change Your Travel Business?

While blockchain technology contains the potential to disrupt the entire travel industry as it stands, should you be keeping an eye on it!

We’ve brought together experts from Citizen M, Winding Tree and Cryptocribs on an exclusive webinar titled ‘Blockchain Demystified – How will it change your travel business?’ to discuss what they think this technology means, and how it will affect the current technological landscape.

Sign up and understand how blockchain:

  • Will be applied in travel and what structures will it disrupt?
  • Will impact Cryptocurrency and its place in streamlining a multi-currency industry
  • Is being trialled across the industry – (Citizen M, Sabre, Lufthansa, TUI)
  • Is being used in Private and public applications. What are the differences and which will have the biggest impact.
  • Where will innovation come from: incumbents or newcomers?

Expert Speakers Confirmed Include:

CitizenM Hotels Winding Tree Cryptocribs
Lennert De Jong
CitizenM Hotels
Pedro Anderson
Winding Tree
Erasmus Elsner

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