Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Property Management System – By Matt Nicholls

For the second year running, Oracle Hospitality is proud to partner with Starfleet Media to deliver the Smart Decision Guide to Property Management Systems (PMS). This newly released guide provides a checklist of aspects to consider when buying a PMS and addresses key marketplace trends that could influence your decision. 

Selecting the right system for your enterprise has never been more important. 


Today, PMS handle so much more than traditional hotel processes such as check-in and check-out. They have transformed into dynamic platforms for hotel operations that are integrated with reservations and distribution to drive day-to-day hotel activities and shape strategic decisions, too. The technology underlying a PMS determines how it is deployed (on-premise vs. cloud) which in turn can play a critical role in a hotel operation’s growth and evolution. Finally, the PMS you choose needs to be adaptable, expandable and scalable to accommodate emerging technologies. 

The latter point, arguably, is most important. The array of new technologies on the hospitality frontier will drive entirely new guest experiences, which will be demanded by changing consumer demographics – including the rise of influential, tech-savvy millennials. PMS functionality also will need to appeal to millennial employees if hoteliers are going to successfully recruit and retain the best talent.

Promotional image for Smart Decision Guide to Property Management Systems

The Smart Decision Guide shares insights on several of these defining trends: 

  • Millennials are shaping the way in which hotels set up for the future – accounting for 75% of guests by 2020.
  • Guests are desiring more technology services to empower them during their stay, enabling them to execute tasks on their own and on demand.
  • Clean and comfortable stays are not enough – customers’ core expectations are changing. 

Our guide is intended for decision makers – including owners, property managers, and hotel and resort operators – who are seeking next-generation technology to elevate hospitality management.

Download your copy of this free, comprehensive guide today and discover the benefits and opportunities a PMS upgrade can yield.