Hotwire Reveals Canadian Hotel Rate Report for February 2010

Calgary Tops Rate Report for Third Consecutive Month

For the third consecutive month, Calgary tops the list with a drop of twelve percent. Meanwhile, the popular destinations of Niagara Falls and Quebec City follow closely with drops of nine percent and five percent respectively.

With the Winter Olympics in full-swing, Canadians looking to get away from the crowds have a number of great options available outside of British Columbia. Winter sports enthusiasts can look to Calgary for amazing access to popular mountains and even better deals. Corporate business remains relatively slow there, causing hotel prices to fall. And for those travelers looking to practice their Québécois French or visit the majestic Niagara Falls, this month is a great time to save. The strengthening Canadian dollar is affecting tourism flow into many popular Canadian cities, like Quebec City and Niagara Falls, resulting in hotels lowering prices to attract travelers.

When compared to the same time last year, the top five hotel price reductions for February 2010 include:

                                                     Example of a Current
  Rank    Hotel Market       Price Drop                  Hotwire Deal,
  1      Calgary, AL          12%                  3-star            $94
  2      Niagara Falls, ON     9%                  4-star            $97
  3      Quebec City, QB       5%                  3-star            $78
  4      Edmonton, AL          5%                  3-star           $100
  5      London, ON            3%                  3-star            $83

“Weaker demand and the fluctuating Canadian dollar continue to affect pricing throughout Canada,” said Clem Bason, President of the Hotwire Group. “Year-over-year prices continue to fall outside of the Winter Olympics vicinity, with many popular cities offering great deals in order to secure Canadian and Non-Canadian travel business.”