The Human Resources Experience in a Hotel: a Key Point of the Rendered Service Excellence – By Osvaldo Torres Cruz

The excellence in services is the ultimate goal to which main hotel management aims since it has been proved that it has an enormous influence on differentiation, competitiveness and positioning of the hotel as a company in the current market. The degrees of experience the guests undergo in a hotel, determine in large measure the degrees of excellence in services, for which they are, without a doubt, the best evaluators.

When receiving the guest application for reservations it is immediately put in motion the design of positive experiences to be enjoyed during his stay. Valuable information is gathered on his lifestyle, tastes, hobbies, and emotional world. Primary services strategies are also generated in order to meet the potential guest needs, thus achieving the WOW effect that marked in large measure, the level of excellence in the services received.

However, this goal is not always achieved, as we frequently wonder, what else could we have offered or done?, thus overlooking a decisive factor when seeking excellence: whether the manager involved actually assumed the services rendered as his own, or if he identified with same and offered that special plus in the service, or if he only rendered a good attention.

According to my personal experience, if I was asked to define how excellence in the service can be reached, my answer would be:

Excellence in service is the achievement of Positive Holistic Experiences in their two main levels:

1-Primary: the basis of excellence in service is not more than the experience human resources live during their workday at the hotel.

2-Secondary: the experience the hotel guests live during their stay.

It is not possible to achieve a higher level without first having attained the lower one, which means that the accumulated positive experiences at first level will generate the successful services attitude needed to achieve same experience at secondary level, therefore allowing us to reach excellence.

The staff involved must, primarily, live their own experiences during each working day, because only this way they will be able to generate positive attitudes of service (empathy, motivation, identification, commitment, creativity and assertiveness, etc) main pillars needed when offering a PLUS in services, which is a key element in the success of experiences at secondary level.

Generally, when positive service attitudes are expressed among employees, the direct result tends to show a decrease in the number of mistakes by negligence (lack of motivation) and also deepen the search for a plus in carrying out and delivering daily services.

At this primary level, it must also be taken into account the synergy obtained among all areas involved in the design and success of the secondary level experience. Each area of the hotel must ensure the accomplishment of their own primary experiences and at the same time, that of all areas involved. This shall generate further motivational effort and will, turning the stay into a successful designed experience.

The consolidation of primary experiences is the foundation of a successful policy in order to generate positive holistic experiences with guests. Every human resource is a generator of experiences, either at the primary or secondary level, so that the hotel must emphasize the continuous generation of a culture of service that shall positively attain a level increase and hence excellence of service.

Osvaldo Torres Cruz
Hotel Butler