Eco-Enhancing Partners

USFI | GreenWorks and INNCOM International join EcoRooms & EcoSuites ( as Strategic Partners and Corporate Sponsors

Strengthening its position as a leader in socially responsible travel, Pineapple Hospitality is proud to announce that USFI | GreenWorks and INNCOM International have signed on as Strategic Partners and Corporate Sponsors of EcoRooms & EcoSuites (

EcoRooms & EcoSuites is the premier online listing and resource for green hotels in the United States and abroad. Utilizing its eight criteria for membership – a rigorous set of standards for ecologically responsible hotel products, practices and principles – EcoRooms & EcoSuites is leading the way toward sustainable travel by providing the most stringent, credible green hotel certification program in the world.

‘By adhering to the EcoRooms & EcoSuites criteria, hoteliers reduce their energy use, water use, waste and toxic byproducts,’ says Dan Ruben, Executive Director, Boston Green Tourism. ‘When one stays in an EcoRooms & EcoSuites-listed hotel, it’s comforting to know that the management acts on their concern for our environment.’

Ruben notes that EcoRooms & EcoSuites is one of only three certifications that Boston Green Tourism supports, along with the U.S. EPA Energy Star for Hospitality label and U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Certification. Find out more at

And with two more proven industry innovators such as USFI | GreenWorks and INNCOM now on board, EcoRooms & EcoSuites has a plethora of additional resources with expertise in the field of sustainable, responsible travel to offer its lodging partners and their guests.

‘We’re excited that USFI | GreenWorks and INNCOM are going to be working more closely with us as strategic partners and corporate sponsors,’ says Ray Burger, President of EcoRooms & EcoSuites. ‘Just like our member partners, these two companies have gone above and beyond in creating solutions for ecologically responsible hotel products, practices and principles.’

USFI | GreenWorks
Based in Dallas, with offices nationwide, USFI | GreenWorks has worked to solve customers’ marketing challenges creatively and cost-effectively for more than 25 years. Today, awareness of shrinking environmental resources has made stocking green products second only to that perennial first concern of all hospitality providers – revenue.

It’s a good thing USFI | GreenWorks has deep expertise in helping clients with both issues. As a result, USFI | GreenWorks offers a rapidly growing “catalog” of green products to meet the day-to-day needs of the hospitality industry.

But this marketing innovator can offer so much more than just green products. As Tim Van Cleave, Director of Sales, expresses it, “Our ability to innovate green products and practices grows directly from our considerable experience in helping hospitality providers lift their top-line revenues, improve RevPAR and go green at the same time. We’re very practiced at identifying cost sinkholes as well as revenue opportunities. Hotel providers who work with us discover a strategic partner capable of more than just responsive service. We’re in business to help you build revenue.”

As everyone serving in this industry takes a hard look at the sustainability of all items used in guestrooms, food service, back offices and so on, they discover that USFI | GreenWorks already has done much of the heavy lifting. “So the challenge at this point is not just to ‘go green,’ but to get some green in return. That’s why we prefer to engage our clients in a strategic process of identifying revenue challenges and objectives, involving stakeholders in brainstorming, then developing and refining recommendations that carry their share of revenue targets,” says Van Cleave.

To owners and operators that means exposure to low-hanging opportunities, plus quick win, low-cost programs to bump up revenue immediately and a full range of initiatives with clearly defined and measurable targets.

‘We make no bones about it – we want to be the green warriors that hospitality professionals depend upon to carry forward the battle of day-to-day business,’ Van Cleave adds.

With the shared goal of furthering socially responsible travel, the partnership with EcoRooms & EcoSuites makes perfect sense. EcoRooms & EcoSuites’ broad networks allows USFI | GreenWorks to reach out to a wide range of hotels. And USFI | GreenWorks can continue to focus on creating innovative new products and solutions to long-standing challenges for hotel owners and operators.

‘Going green is a wonderful adventure that allows us to learn something new every day, and to find creative solutions for seemingly impossible challenges,’ says Van Cleave. ‘We especially look forward to that day when our customers are able to understand intuitively that green means good for the environment-and for their revenues as well.’

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INNCOM International
INNCOM International develops advanced, software-based, Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Integrated Room Automation Systems (IRAS) for the global lodging industry.

INNCOM systems are installed in more than 650,000 guestrooms worldwide. Clients range from the most prestigious 5-star hotels to specialty limited-service properties. INNCOM room automation systems are easy to install and use and deliver state-of-the-art technology without sacrificing sleek style.

The company offers a broad range of innovative, intelligent devices and dependable, integrated systems in the following operational areas:
* Energy Management
* HVAC Control
* Lighting Control
* Guest Interface and Tabletop Control Devices
* Humidity Control
* Guest Service Requests
* Device Control
* Telephony
* Central Electronic Locking System (CELS)
* Infrastructure Components
* Metering and Monitoring
* Networking and Software Applications

INNCOM’s commitment to the environment extends beyond the end-use energy-saving capabilities of its products. The company is against the use of hazardous materials and processes in the manufacture of its components and finished products.

‘From a philosophy standpoint, our companies, INNCOM and Pineapple Hospitality, are well aligned. Over the past few years, I’ve known Ray (Burger) and come to really appreciate the holistic approach he brings to hotel operations,’ says John Tavares, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for INNCOM.

‘Both of our companies allow hotels to become better practitioners of sustainability,’ Tavares adds. ‘We provide the systems, tools, techniques and expertise required for our clients to not just talk the talk, but also walk the walk of sustainability – and, equally important, to do it with improved profitability.’

All INNCOM products are manufactured RoHS compliant. The RoHS Directive stands for “the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.’ INNCOM’s manufacturing partners are also ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems certified, meaning they adhere to standards intended to protect the environment.

Energy management is an integral component of high-performance, sustainable design and INNCOM’s energy-saving products can help your new construction and renovation projects obtain credit points toward LEED certification.

INNCOM’s guestroom networking systems allow hotel operators to:
* Conserve energy by eliminating unnecessary utilization,
* Improve guest comfort levels (Guest Satisfaction Index) and reduce guest complaints,
* Improve security with online lock control,
* Remotely diagnose and maintain guestroom controls,
* Extend HVAC and other equipment life, and
* Improve staff efficiencies through Occupancy and Room Status Reporting.

INNCOM’s programmable EMS units pay for themselves, typically in two years or less. After that, the energy savings continue to really add up.

‘Anything a hotel can do to become more efficient operationally is good for them, and good for the environment,’ Tavares says. ‘Especially with the younger crowds, hotel guests are more attuned to doing the right thing – and saving energy when you are not in the room is the right thing to do. With our programmable digital thermostats, we’re able to do that in a way that is not intrusive or an inconvenience to guests. We keep room temperature within a given range to save energy, and related changes in room temperature are gradual, almost imperceptible to guests. Even on the warmest days in the warmest climates, we make sure guests do not return to their rooms to find them uncomfortable.’

INNCOM International recently won the Kenneth F. Hine Best of Show award at the 92nd annual International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show in New York for its e4 Smart Digital Thermostat with ecoMODE, a device that lets guests indicate their active participation in the hotel’s conservation programs. A touch of the green button triggers the enhanced energy-saving mode in the room and signals their desire to participate in a towel and linen recycling program.

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EcoRooms – The New Green Standard
The EcoRooms & EcoSuites Web site certifies, and accepts as members, only the greenest hotels that have implemented these eight Eco-Criteria:

1. Green Seal certified or equivalent cleaning products are used in guestrooms.
2. Green Seal certified or equivalent paper products (facial and bathroom tissue) are used in guestrooms.
3. Bathrooms feature amenity dispensers or small, practical amenity sizes with guests encouraged to take the remainder of their bathroom amenities home or donate them to homeless shelters.
4. The hotel has implemented a Linen and Towel Reuse Program
5. Guests are provided separate and easily identified receptacles and/or bags in which to deposit recyclables.
6. Energy-efficient lighting is in place in every applicable area.
7. Bathrooms feature high-efficiency plumbing – 1.6 or less gallons-per-flush for toilets and 1.5 gallons per minute or less for sinks with water-efficient aerators.
8. The facility is 100% non-smoking.

About Pineapple Hospitality
Headquartered in Saint Charles, Missouri, Pineapple Hospitality(TM) is an EPA ENERGY STAR(TM) partner bringing fresh ideas to hospitality guests’ doors and owner/operators’ bottom lines – including FreshStay(R) (, EcoRooms & EcoSuites ( Environmentally Sensitive Amenities(TM), EO(R), Neutrogena(R), Earth Perfect and greenSPA(TM) amenities, AVIVA and WAVE dispensers, Energy Efficient Lighting and Controls, Custom Linen & Towel Re-Use Programs, Green Key Cards, Green Earth Key Cards, Energy Management Systems and Controls, High Performance showerheads, the Nature’s Mist(TM) deodorization system, Zero Odor, and dozens of other products and programs. For more information, please visit, or call us at 636-922-2285.