Firms Offer Free On-Site Environmental Audits to All U.S. Hotels

Engineers to fan out across country to assess lodging facility energy efficiency and recommend changes

EcoGreenHotel President Scott Parisi today announced that his company has partnered with Atlantic Energy Services (OTC:AESO) of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., a leader in designing, financing and implementing energy efficiency projects, to offer free, no-obligation environmental assessments to U.S. hotels from now through May 2009.

‘Atlantic Energy has earned a stellar reputation for helping government entities and corporations evaluate, fund and implement their conservation initiatives with positive cash flows,’ Parisi said. ‘Our new partnership will extend their expertise into hospitality, an industry that has a major impact on our planet’s well being. By providing the free audits, we hope to encourage a greater number of properties to take that first step toward a more sustainable operation and a healthier planet.’

Atlantic Energy Services spokesman Greg Royer said his company partnered with EcoGreenHotel to offer the free environmental audits because the lodging industry holds such great potential.

‘Lodging is the country’s second largest employer,’ Royer said. ‘There are over 50,000 hotels and motels in this country, and the typical hotel buys more products weekly than 100 families buy in a year. By expanding our services into the lodging industry, we have tremendous potential to grow our company and make a positive impact on the environment at the same time.’

Atlantic Energy Services will cover travel and other expenses for its environmental engineers to conduct the on-site audits, which consist of an investment grade evaluation of each property’s electric, gas and water consumption. Based upon the engineer’s findings, the team then prepares and submits a free, no-obligation report and proposal to each hotel. The report and proposal include concrete steps the hotel can take to increase its energy efficiency, and includes a cost/benefit breakdown and a list of funding streams for which the property might qualify.

Specifically, each hotel will receive a personalized report and proposal that includes: