September America’s Monthly GDP Rose

America's real monthly GDP “rose by a month-to-month annualized rate of 1.9 percent in September,” said Professor Evangelos Simos, Editor-in-Chief. Today's flash estimate released by Monthly GDP Warp Digest reflects last month's official history revisions, and latest monthly data, visualize eleven consecutive positive growth rates in monthly˗GDP™.

For monthly frequency, introduced twenty years ago a monthly growth analytic, the annualized rolling three-month growth rate in monthly˗GDP™, modeled by number-science to perfectly synchronize the two frequencies, factoring monthly growth as the equivalent to traditional quarterly-data growth rate; in September the rolling three-month growth rate posted a reading of (+5.1%) in the three months to September 2021 from the previous period, three months to June 2021.'s analytic of probabilistic-thinking visualizes “a today probability reading at 97.0 for its 'now' position of the United States economy in its expansion phase of the business cycle; it is designed for risk-loving thought leaders making anormal (singulier in French) decisions in search for unique opportunities,” Professor Simos added.

In the inflation front, the prices of goods and services that make up monthly-GDP™, are aggregated in national accounting framework to an overall price index – GDP price deflator – which on a month-to-month basis rose by an annual rate of (+2.7%) in September.


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