H2c Global Hotel IBE and Metasearch Study Report (PDF Download)

Hotel Metasearch Study Report
h2c Global Hotel IBE and Metasearch Study Report

The Hotels' Call for More Guest-Direct Bookings


Driving more direct business to the hotel’s website is a top strategic goal of most hotel chains across the globe. However, the success with Internet Booking Engines (IBEs) and metasearch referrals to the IBE vary to a large extent by region for various reasons. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the share of mobile direct bookings showed a significant increase. This is only one trend among many others identified.

h2c’s Global IBE & Metasearch study aims to highlight the current state of hotel booking engines by taking a deep dive into the required IBE features and functionalities. In addition, the utilization of metasearch channels for driving more direct traffic to the IBE is analyzed. The study builds on detailed insights obtained from an online survey as well as expert interviews with hotel chains in Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas. In order to outline future requirements, h2c’s research has a focus on the chains’ satisfaction level and major pain points with their current IBE and metasearch solutions.

The impetus for this study is based on the hotels’ increasing demand to improve their bottom line, ideally by delivering more personalized services to their guests. Especially small, but also regional/medium-sized hotel chains are still struggling to gain more bookings via their direct online channels. However, the current crisis provides some opportunities for accommodation providers e.g., the provision of unique (health related) content assigned to the property, services and destination. H2c’s study results shall help to better understand the hotel chains’ requirements, enabling distribution providers to identify functionality and service gaps in order to prioritize their developments. For hotel chains, h2c’s research highlights untapped innovation areas with the potential to improve competitiveness and stand out from the crowd.

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