HVS Webinar Summary – Hotel Investors Across Europe Have ‘Wall of Money’ and Confidence in the Sector’s Ability to Recover – By Russell Kett

On 15th September attendees at a webinar hosted by HVS, AlixPartners, Bird & Bird and EP Magazine heard a distinguished panel of experts debate the impact of the global pandemic on hotel values across Europe and whether it had, in fact, created an investment opportunity.

An initial presentation by Russell Kett highlighted the promising improvement of hotel performance in July compared with April of this year, a copy of which can be downloaded here.

This was followed by a discussion between a panel of investment, legal and brokerage experts on hotel values and the current mood for investment, with speakers including  Bettina Graef from Aareal Bank,  Lionel Benjamin of AGO Hotels, Karen Friebe at Bird & Bird, Safi Zakaria at Crosstree Real Estate Partners, Charles Human from HVS Hodges Ward Elliott and Neil Kirk of L&R Hotels, chaired by AlixPartners’ managing director Graeme Smith.

About Russell Kett

Russell Kett is Chairman of the London office of HVS and also serves on the worldwide Board of HVS. He has 40 years’ specialist hotel consultancy, investment and real estate experience, focused on providing valuation, feasibility, shared ownership, property, brokerage, investment, asset management, strategy and related consultancy services, advising hotel companies, banks, developers and investors on all aspects of their hospitality industry related interests, throughout the EMEA region. Russell is a frequent writer, moderator and speaker on the international hotel industry, especially topics relating to hotel valuation, investment, marketing and finance. He is a frequent visitor to Israel and maintains a home there. For more information, contact: rkett@hvs.com