Global Cues Bring Optimism and Lessons for Recovery

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Global Cues Bring Optimism and Lessons for Recovery

MMGY Global COVID-19 Travel Insight Report – May 18th

There are continuing signs of travel recovery around the world. Hotel occupancies, air load factors, attraction openings and demand generators are all on the rise as economics open up. In the U.S., hotel occupancy has doubled in the last 30 days and intra-EU air travel is on the horizon as Ryanair announced its intention to restore 40% of as domestic travel opens up, and nations arc watching to better understand what their own recovery process could look like.

While it’s clear that the road to recovery will require a slow and steady pace, and each destination is contending with unique circumstances and challenges, there is a growing sense of optimism – especially as we look toward traditionally busy summer travel months.

We recently sat down with our global Travel Consul partners, BrandStorv Asia ALGO Italy and Interface Tourism Spain to discuss these lessons of recovery and more.

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