Hospitality Social Media Marketing News – June 27, 2019 Issue

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Hospitality Social Media Marketing News – June 27, 2019 Issue

Watching social media evolve can be fascinating. Sometimes, we get the exact platform changes we’d expect, whether they’re the next logical step in the app’s development or because they’d been announced in months past. Other times, though, big changes come out of seemingly nowhere, offering exciting new features we didn’t know to expect. This month has given us the latter, so let’s take a look at what’s new in social media and how it will impact hotels and resorts.

Instagram Rolls Out Branded Content Ads 

Instagram has released branded content ads, which allows brands to promote organic content that influencers create featuring their brands. This will make it easier for brands to track the effectiveness of different influencers and pay for the ad promotion directly. The brand and influencers need to be connected as business partners on the platform. 

Image source: Instagram 

What This Means for Hotels and Resorts: 

If you are ever running official influencer marketing campaigns, this is something that you should look into. Not only will you be able to reach the users who see the influencer’s organic post, but you’ll be able to use ad targeting to expand the reach even further. For hotels and resorts, it’s common to reach out to influencers with accounts centered around travel. 

Pinterest Is Testing Story Pins

Pinterest has joined the Story bandwagon, and is now testing a Story Pin feature with a select group of business accounts. Their official statement says that Stories will allow business accounts “more ways to share ideas with up to 20 pages of images, text, and multiple links.” 

Image source: Pinterest 

What This Means for Hotels and Resorts: 

These Story pins seem to be a little different than Stories on other platforms, but they’ll still almost certainly be an outstanding opportunity for hotels and resorts to engage their target audience. Make sure that when the time comes, you’re using plenty of links in your Stories to drive people to make reservations, check out your amenities, or review events. 

LinkedIn Improves Ad Targeting with Third-Party Data Personalization  

LinkedIn’s ad targeting is about to get even better, as the professional social media site just announced that their pending acquisition of data analytics platform Drawbridge. Drawbridge will help LinkedIn with advanced personalization AI, improving the targeting system.  

What This Means for Hotels and Resorts: 

LinkedIn Ads have proven themselves to be an excellent resource for hotels and resorts trying to attract business travelers or businesses who want to host or attend conferences. Better personalization means higher response rates, so this is great news. 

LinkedIn Rolls Out Ad Transparency Features 

LinkedIn is rolling out a new ad transparency tool similar to the one that Facebook recently removed, showing members all of the Sponsored Content advertisers have run through the platform in the past six months even if they weren’t in the original target audience. Users will be able to see this information from your page. 

What This Means for Hotels and Resorts: 

There are two key things to keep in mind here. The first is that all potential guests will now be able to see your ads; not just the ones who you targeted. If you’re using coupon codes to convert leads, know that they may be able to access this information and use it themselves. Keep an eye on this to make sure that the campaigns are profitable for your hotel.

The second thing to note is that these make excellent tools for competitive research. See what campaigns big competitors (including name brands like the Hilton Inn) nearby are running, and look for ways to outdo them. 

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