Whitepaper: Hilton, CWT and Wyndham Crack Loyalty in the Experience Age

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Whitepaper: Hilton, CWT and Wyndham Crack Loyalty in the Experience Age

Are you struggling to acquire new customers and build a loyal customer base? You are certainly not alone.

EyeforTravel has created a loyalty-dedicated whitepaper addressing how you can acquire and retain customers in the age of experience to make your brand irreplaceable in the customer's life.

The whitepaper features in-depth insight from:

– Chris Silcock, Chief Commercial Officer, Hilton

– Eliot Hamlisch, SVP, Loyalty & Partnerships, Wyndham

– Bonni Simi, President, Jet Blue Technology Ventures,

– Chris Anderson, Professor and Director, Cornell Center for Hospitality Research

– Utpal Kaul, Global Head, Product Innovation CWT

– Emre Mangir, President & COO, Mozio

What the whitepaper covers:

– Meeting the customer’s desire for unique experiences to get a direct line to their loyalty

– The role of AI in unbundling and giving your customer immense choice

– Why reward program overhaul is urgent and how to deploy personalization

– How to unlock partnership power to develop a truly powerful loyalty program

– Getting creative with points, instant gratification and expanding your loyalty offering to win direct bookings

Get your full copy of this whitepaper here

Read the whitepaper and discover how you can become the next Airbnb, Uber or Amazon, and become an irreplaceable brand in your customer’s life.