The Top 5 Things You Need to Know Now in Hotel Digital Marketing: March Edition – By Margaret Mastrogiacomo, Vice President Strategy

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The Top 5 Things You Need to Know Now in Hotel Digital Marketing: March Edition

This month, the latest digital innovations include Google algorithm updates, new e-commerce and influencer features on Instagram, and video rolling out to Google responsive display ads. From SEO to design, find out the top five things you need to know now in hotel digital marketing.

1. SEO: The Google March 2019 Core Algorithm Update and new measurements in Google Lighthouse.

On March 12, Google announced what the SEO community is now calling The Google March 2019 Core Update, which Google is being very elusive in regards to the changes that can be expected in SERPs. The changes from this update are rumored to be a reversal of the Medic update back in August 2018 or related to the Penguin or Panda updates. With this update still being rolled out, the impact on search results is still being measured with more announcements to come.

Google Lighthouse adds tap target spacing to audit results. With mobile page speed and optimization taking the forefront in SEO, Google Lighthouse has become a vital tool for measuring mobile impact on search engine rankings. Google has updated Lighthouse to measure tap target spacing on mobile websites which will be incorporated in audit results and factored into the SEO score.

As Google explains, tap targets are important for mobile design because placing targets too close together could result in accidental selections. Now, Lighthouse will determine if tap targets are sized appropriately or not. If not, the audit may recommend tap targets as an action item for improving your SEO score.

Your hotel should keep mobile optimization top of mind since the mobile-first update continues to take effect and impacts rankings in search engine results.