HVS Report – Major Las Vegas Development Projects Status Update – By Shannon S. Okada

During the three years preceding the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Las Vegas had entered a cycle of new development after the prolonged recovery from the 2008 Great Recession. The ongoing construction of major demand generators throughout the closure period is important to the eventual recovery of the Las Vegas market. This article summarizes the available information regarding the status of major tourism-related projects in the Las Vegas market.

HVS Report – Emerging Hotel Brands – By Brittany Hart

While numerous lodging brands are available to hotel owners through franchises, new brands continue to emerge. In 2020, several new brands have been introduced, providing unique niches in the marketplace to meet the demands of both hotel owners and guests. This article reviews the brands announced in 2020 and considers how they are poised to operate during the current economic climate.

Beach Enclave Turks & Caicos: Creating a Luxury Villa Resort Brand – By Chekitan Dev and Laure Stroock (PDF Download)

It was the spring of 2019 and Beach Enclave (BE), a company that designed, built and operated luxury private villa resorts on Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) in the Caribbean, had just celebrated its second anniversary. A relatively novel concept in the lodging industry, Beach Enclave’s villas offered guests the impeccable design, exceptional amenities and personalized experiences & services of a luxury resort in the privacy of a full home.