Dual-Branded Hotels – Beware Expectations of Significant Operating Efficiencies – By Robert Mandelbaum and Gary McDade

For the past four years the opening of dual-branded properties has been very popular among hotel developers. The perceived benefits of building a property with two or more brands are many, including – Efficiencies in the construction of the facility (ex. one laundry room for two hotels) – Efficiencies in the operation of the hotels (ex. shared staffing) etc.

New York City Is The Leading Market in The U.S. Construction Pipeline

In the third quarter of 2018, analysts at Lodging Econometrics (LE) report that the top five markets with the largest total hotel construction pipelines are: New York City with 170 projects/29,630 rooms; Dallas with 157 projects/18,954 rooms; Houston with 150 projects/16,473 rooms; Los Angeles with 141 projects/24,129 rooms; and Nashville with 115 projects/15,179 rooms.