Google's Mobile-First Initiative: Everything Hoteliers Need to Do Now – By Adam Lawley, SEO Specialist

Google’s mission as a search engine is simple and successful: provide web users with the highest quality search and surf experience available. Search queries completed on mobile recently surpassed desktop as the majority Google search type, a trend that is expected to continually rise as mobile searching becomes more ubiquitous with smartphone usage and the popularity of voice search continues to bloom.

Hotel IT Buyer Beware: Not All Cloud Solutions Are Truly Cloud Solutions

According to ‘Built for the Cloud: A Blueprint for Hotel Technology Success’, hoteliers are upgrading to next-generation cloud solutions in record numbers. They know that by harnessing the core features of a cloud PMS they can streamline operations and speed services while presenting guests with relevant and personalized offers, messages and services.

Advanced Revenue Management Changes Everything

The steady climb in hotel occupancy rates and record-breaking RevPAR growth continues, albeit at a slower rate, even despite the emergence of some very real challenges to the hotel industry. These include the onerous commission structures imposed by online travel agencies (OTAs) and the effect of Airbnb and smaller online marketplaces operating in the so-called sharing economy.