Machine Learning Myths Busted: How Understanding Machine Learning Will Give Your Hotel A Competitive Advantage – By Jason G. Bryant Nor1 Founder and CEO

In the competitive race for guests, Airbnb fares better every year. As of April 2019, Airbnb had demonstrated a 45% increase in bookings year over year and a 62.5% increase in arrivals (iPropertyManagement). This success is due mainly to the company’s use of machine learning (ML) technology to optimize their search and booking process.

Rated Fresh: The 2019 Know-It-All Guide to Restaurant Technology Success

Starfleet Research has released The 2019 Smart Decision Guide to Restaurant Management and POS Systems. This marks the 4th edition of this popular resource for restaurant owners, operators and other IT decision makers who are looking for clear and unbiased guidance for improving the performance of their existing restaurant technologies, or for upgrading to new technologies.

Seven Key Considerations Hoteliers Should Not Overlook when Investing in Analytics

Triometric is an active member of HEDNA (Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association) and one of the co-chairs of the Hotel Analytics Working Group, alongside Excella and NTTData. The Working Group has been addressing the need for more awareness and use of business intelligence to make data-driven operational and distribution decisions. This work has culminated in the release a new white paper to help Hoteliers embrace and optimise the use of data analytics across their organisations. The Working Group exists bring together solutions and best practice to address specific distribution challenges.