Grandma Just Texted the Front Desk – Bridging the Generational Tech Gap – By Laura Badiu

While it’s hard for me to believe (and admit), I am part of a generation that wasn’t exactly born in the midst of the technological revolution – I was eased into it. I am what we call a 'digital native' but growing up, 'the' internet wasn’t a given and it definitely wasn’t a must. I remember first getting acquainted with it sometime in middle school and although I found it impressive, at the time it wasn’t exactly life-changing. It was just one of the many things that, as a child, you slowly discover and incorporate into your life and daily activities.

Crisis Management: Preparing Your Hotel for Coronavirus (COVID-19) – By Margaret Mastrogiacomo, EVP Strategy

​With Coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing to spread, it’s important for hotels to have an action plan in place that addresses both the current state and the potential future impact if the situation continues to worsen. Overall, your hotel should arm itself with an internal Coronavirus response team which includes a member from every department critical to your business. This team should be responsible for keeping a pulse on the evolving landscape, continually brainstorming adjustments to strategy, and presenting to internal stakeholders to take action. ​

Creating a Picture-Perfect Booking Experience for Guests – By Ashley Garner

Previously we covered a number of learnings our team has gathered over the years that are proven to positively impact a hotel’s booking performance. Each finding had to do with enhancing the user experience and what will make travelers convert to guests. One of the areas we discussed was photos. Now we’re going to take a deeper dive and share some UX insights regarding photos based on a year and a half of user testing on our SynXis Booking Engine (SBE).

Your Connectivity Compass – Building Wireless Networks for the Future – By Bianca Lopez and Evita Ma

Data usage in the hospitality environment has skyrocketed, and continues to grow every year, making a robust broadband network crucial to guest services and back-of-the-house operations. This report serves as a detailed guide on network topology and provides essential knowledge in network deployment for decision-makers. Further, this report examines how hospitality professionals can work with their wireless solutions providers beyond the installation process to optimize their networks.