On-Demand Service and the Culture of Convenience: What Are Guests Really Looking For? – By Jos Schaap

We aren’t just living in a mobile age – we are living in an ‘on-demand’ economy, and it is revolutionizing business models and the corresponding consumer experience across every industry. With digital platforms and apps empowering instant gratification, paired with efficient and intuitive technological properties to cater to a personalized and data-driven experience, the supply which meets the demand of customers is readily available, 24/7.

Weird, Dynamic, Unpredictable – Into the Future With Online Travel

'Dynamic and unpredictable,' was how Del Ross, the chairperson of this week’s EyeforTravel North America, and a senior advisor to McKinsey, described the travel industry in the ‘weird year’ just gone. Ross, who yesterday opened the EyeforTravel North America conference, which is now into its 20th year, said there had been some unexpected developments since last year's event.

How Technological Accountability Can Boost Guest Service – By Jos Schaap

Ask any leader – regardless of industry – what they believe is the key to driving customer experience and exceeding consumer demands, and their answer will likely detail some form of technological transformation. We have long since entered the age of the customer, which means customer experience can now be earmarked as the defining factor in the creation of brand longevity and customer loyalty.

Sojern, Sabre and Nor1 Webinar: How to Influence Guest’s Behavior from Booking Through Pre-Arrival

Join Sojern, Sabre and Nor1 as our experts take a look at how you can own and optimize over 451+ touchpoints in the average path-to-purchase to generate 1.5-3x more direct bookings, be less reliant on OTAs, provide a booking experience to maximize conversion, and merchandise your hotel’s product and services to drive revenue and provide a great guest experience so they come back again and again.