Today’s Guests Have An Appetite For Mobile and They’re Willing to Pay For It – By Nicole Dehler, Vice President of Product Management StayNTouch, A Shiji Group Brand

One of the top priorities for hoteliers, according to a recent travel trends report, is a renewed focus on the 'battle for the Phono-sapien.' This term was first coined by The Economist to describe the next stage of human evolution, to a mobile-first consumer who looks at their phone every 12 minutes and checks it within five minutes of waking up.

How To Think About Upselling: Guest Engagement, Intelligence, and ROI – By Jason G. Bryant Nor1 Founder and CEO

Some properties still view upselling through a traditional lens—using the same well-worn tactics that have been around for, well, forever. The 'would you like to add fries to your order?' approach. Static offers based on static rates possibly with some incentives for the front desk and a bit of training on how to 'sell without selling.' But upselling has evolved, namely in technology.

Cendyn Announces Acquisition of The Rainmaker Group

The acquisition of The Rainmaker Group's integrated solutions will enable Cendyn to drive performance across all aspects of the hotel business. Aligning operations, marketing, sales, and now, revenue will provide hoteliers with the means to optimize their strategies and drive performance and loyalty across their businesses. As part of the acquisition, Tammy Farley, Co-Founder of Rainmaker, will move to the role of board member.