Technology Trends in Travel – What’s in Store for 2020? – By Laura Badiu

We’re quickly approaching the official wrap-up of 2019 and it’s been another exciting year in travel and hospitality. We are now one step closer to the future and those innovative technologies that we envisioned ever since The Jetsons aired on TV. Every year, we make it our mission to break down the most impactful and exciting technology trends that are rumored to steal the spotlight in the year to come.

Why Traditional Hotel Front Desk Upsell Is Not Enough – By Jason G. Bryant Nor1 Founder and CEO

Unlike many tech companies, Drift, a conversational marketing platform, and Wistia, a video marketing company, are best known for their outstanding customer service. While many people still imagine tech companies as silent rooms full of introverted engineers (except those of us in tech, who know better), tech companies that rely on the ideal combination of the human touch and technology are the companies that shine.

Why Machine Learning is Critical to Effective Upselling – By Jason G. Bryant Nor1 Founder and CEO

Upselling has traditionally been a guessing game. Trial and error. In fact, an article from not all that long ago suggested that the front desk should 'gauge the needs of callers and walk-ins' then offer relevant upselling opportunities. In effect, asking the front desk to do something they aren’t really meant to do nor have the time to do, not on their own, at least.

How To Mesmerize Your Guests with Next-Generation Restaurant Technology

A new co-branded eBook, now available for complimentary download, speaks to the fact that every restaurant owner and operator wants to incorporate a 'wow factor' into their business. They want a 'wow factor' when it comes to streamlining operations, reducing costs and increasing revenue and profitability. And they want a 'wow factor' when it comes to optimizing the quality of the guest experience.

Lessons from Hollywood to Bring More Guests to Your Hotel – By Ashley Garner

Like Hollywood’s end-of-the-year race to release movies for best-picture consideration, every hotelier wants to draw a crowd to their property. Hoteliers can learn a lesson or two from Hollywood when it comes to luring larger audiences and grossing higher returns. It didn’t take long before Hollywood realized that a mighty band of superheroes was better than one when it comes to prevailing over all other rivals and triumphing at the box office.