National Restaurant Association Reports Customer Demand for Outdoor Dining Rose Due to the Delta Variant

With indoor capacity limited throughout much of the pandemic, the ability to offer outdoor dining is a lifeline for many restaurants. In a September 2021 survey fielded by the Association, 65% of restaurant operators said they offered on-premises outdoor dining in a space such as a patio, deck or sidewalk. That’s up from 57% in April 2021, and roughly on par with the 67% who reported similarly in September 2020.

Hotel F&B is Following Two Cs Post-Pandemic: Careful and Creative – By Rayna Katz

In the wake of the coronavirus, and the issues it created – including a labor shortage – hoteliers are working to get their arms around food and beverage service. That topic, and many more, were discussed by a quartet of industry professionals during a recent Profit Talks webcast moderated by David Eisen, HotStats’ Director of Hotel Intelligence, Americas