Hospitality Financial Leadership – Critical Importance of Accruals and Deferrals – By David Lund

A lot gets written about certain things in the hotel industry and others not so much as a mention. I am not saying it is simply a matter of blatant favoritism or anything like that but it is not lost on me that certain items get the limelight. In this piece, I am going to shine a light on two of the hotel team’s third-line mainstays. This pair keeps us on track month after month and they need a little more respect.

I Could Do Their Job – An Article for Financial Leaders – By David Lund

When I was an assistant controller, my boss at the time was fond of saying the following about our general manager, “I could do his job, probably not as good as he can, but I could still do his job. “BUT,” he continued, “he could never do mine – he doesn’t know how to, he is not an accountant.” This is a powerful message to get into your DNA as a financial leader.