The Comprehensive Situation Analysis: Critical Foundation for Decisions on Lender Alternatives for Distressed Hotel Loans – By Jim Butler

When Special Assets Teams and special servicers see troubled hotel loans coming onto their screens, they should quickly perform a 'Comprehensive Situation Analysis.' The Comprehensive Situation Analysis forms the critical foundation for a lender choosing among its alternative strategies of workout, receivership, deed in lieu or bankruptcy (seeking involuntary bankruptcy and appointment of a trustee).

Resort Fees – A Growing Source Of Revenue – By Robert Mandelbaum

Resort fees were initially introduced to allay the complaints of resort guests who felt they were being “nickel-and-dimed” every time they used a resort amenity. Since then, the practice of charging a resort fee (or similar mandatory charges) has been instituted at other types of hotels, beyond resorts. It is the charge of a resort fee at non-resort properties that has caught the attention of travelers who question the mandatory fee.

Hospitality Financial Leadership – What to Do in a Financial Crisis – By David Lund

A lot has been said about the flu outbreak and the devastating effects it will have on the travel and hotel industry. But what can you do about it? The old saying, 'You can’t save your way to prosperity,' still holds true, but you can be the best of class when it comes to being the least affected. Occupancy and rates are going to fall, they always do. The question is, where will the market go and how can we keep our REVPAR index? I’ll leave that piece for the revenue and marketing pundits.