What Happens When Quality Assurance Morphs into PR & Marketing? – By Steven Ferry

If Quality Assurance had not been taken over by such interests, it would be focused on operational audits and follow-up actions that result in improved service and thus influenced guest perception based on real-world intentions and actions. This hijacking of QA could explain some very real problems that hoteliers are facing today in their operations and even with guest perceptions

What Hotels Can Learn From Delta Airlines About Personalized Guest Engagement – By Doug Kennedy

Beyond the nifty tech-based personalization apps and customized travel perks, what’s truly amazing about Delta is that during every encounter with an airline staff member they always remember to thank me for my business in a sincere and authentic way. It seems that a lot of brands are attempting this, but the 'thank’s for your loyalty sir' I get elsewhere is usually disingenuous, feels scripted, and seems insincere.