Don’t Skip Out on Skip-Gen Travel – By Alan E. Young

There’s a popular saying that reads, 'Identity influences behavior.' This proves to be an especially important understanding of hospitality. As industry leaders work to identify (and cater to) the entirety of the guest journey, from pre-stay to post-stay, we are constantly faced with the question like: What do guests want most, and why? What is their motivation for traveling? What makes an exceptional trip?

Hotel Sales RFP’s Circa 2020: How To Be The Best, Not Just The First To Respond – By Doug Kennedy

When I speak with hotel sales leaders at my training workshops and conference presentations, and when I read interviews with them in hotel trade publications such as this one, it seems that most are buying-in to these three myths about hotel sales in the current era: – The most important factor in closing more leads is to be the first to respond. – The second key to success is having the coolest PDF or online brochure, with more pictures than everyone else. – Planners who send digital inquiries do not want to talk or correspond; they only want to get the proposal they asked for.