How To Set Hotel Sales Team Goals and KPIs In A Time Of Unpredictable Demand – By Doug Kennedy

For approximately 10 years leading up to the recent pandemic era, budgets were increased each year, divvied up, and turned into individual sales goals that were then tied to bonuses. With the seemingly endless string of years of an up market, sales bonuses became an expected part of the compensation. Were these sales bonuses truly justified based on performance? Or were they achieved mostly due to good fortune?

Where Are All These Guests Who Supposedly Prefer Humanless Hotel Experiences? – By Doug Kennedy

For probably a decade now, I have almost daily been reading articles and blog posts about how today’s hotel guests prefer to interact with technology rather than humans. Of course, it is not by coincidence that most of these are authored by executives who are peddling the latest “essential” guest technology. Often these articles and blogs are accompanied by survey results to supposedly support the theme. Yet when I look for details on sample size and methodology, I usually find there is no mention of these, or I find that the survey was conducted “online” with a very small, self-selected sample size.

Transcreation Makes for Better Hospitality

Ni hao? Namasté! Mingalabar! Kamusta! Hola! Ciao! Hospitality is everything about making someone feel welcome and nothing does that better than greeting them in their own language. Not only does it immediately put one at ease, it goes beyond the whistles and bells of gorgeous interior decor and fancy fittings. It is the very fundamental spirit and soul of what hospitality is all about. An audacious claim?

As Demand Returns For Groups and Events, Let's Not Slip Back Into 'Order-taking' – By Doug Kennedy

Based on the conversations I’m having with clients and contacts it seems that demand for groups and events is coming quicker than expected. At most hotels, salespeople have either been recalled from furlough or from helping to cover hotel operations. As they return to their old “chairs,” this is a great time for leaders to set new goals and/or for self-motivated sales supernovas to create new habits for themselves.

Accelerated Vaccination Deployment Driving Earlier Recovery for the US Lodging Industry

The implementation of three vaccines, earlier than previously expected, has positively impacted the recovery timeline. We currently expect annual occupancy for US hotels this year to increase to 57.2%, and average daily room rates to increase 8.0%, with resultant RevPAR up 40.1% from last year. RevPAR is expected to finish 2021 at approximately 74% of pre-pandemic levels.

Ten Caribbean & Latam Travel Trends… and How You Can Respond to Them – By Denise Powers, Founder and CEO of Fountainhead

Covid has utterly changed the travel and tourism landscape – perhaps permanently. It may be true that 50% of people are very keen to travel right now, but the other 50% will need reassurance. Meanwhile, tastes and expectations may have altered subtly in the long, long year since the pandemic started. For example, Brazilian, Chinese and Mexican travellers are looking at international travel in 2021, whereas Canadian, Japanese, Italian, German and British are more uncertain.

In-house or Outsourced – Where Will Your Growth Come from in 2021? – By Denise Powers, Founder and CEO of Fountainhead

For all the challenges that Covid has created in the travel industry, it has also taught us some important lessons. First among these is that survival and growth depend on pivots, innovation, evolution – new approaches and new ways of thinking. We’re reaching a point when it’s time to start thinking about marketing again and that raises an important question. Where do you turn for the expert marketing that’s going to help deliver your recovery and growth in 2021?

The Battle For Direct Bookings Is Hand-to-Hand Combat, Not Aerial Strafing – By Doug Kennedy

For years now, hotels have been fighting desperately to win back market share from third parties such as Online Travel Agencies and thus reduce the cost of customer acquisition. Huge sums are spent on strategic initiatives such as ad campaigns, updating guest loyalty programs, improving organic and paid SEO, making sure the website tells the hotel’s story and ensuring a smooth journey from looking-to-booking.