The Pitfalls of Bad Translations and How to Avoid Them

A colleague sitting across you at the office sips languidly at her coffee while staring at her computer screen. You notice the white print glaring against the black background of her mug as she chugs away absently and giggle to yourself. 'I am silently judging your grammar', it says. You chuckle because you can relate. As a branding executive, you know that when it comes to reaching out to your audience, even the tiny details count.

Marketing Trends – Connecting Consumers with Place, People, and Past

Our fast-paced world keeps picking up speed, with digitization, globalization and mobility recognized widely as signs of progress and innovation – yet for many there is a growing desire to take a step back, catch their breath and establish some emotional roots for a measure of safety and stability. Consequently, businesses that deliver products and services that address this need to be grounded may have a leg up on the competition, new research shows.

Tourism Strategies to Aide the Travel Recovery – By Luis Millan

With the travel and tourism industry gradually recovering from the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, destinations are aiming to take advantage of a pent-up appetite for foreign holidays. ForwardKeys’ Market Research Manager, Luis Millan, discusses the various strategies that tourist boards can employ to encourage the reactivation of travel to their destination.

Basic FAQs About Transcreation: What Marketing Managers Needs to Know Before Localising Your Content

It is a well-established fact that successful global marketing and the localisation of marketing and branding collaterals in hospitality and tourism require more than just a normal translation into local languages. Transcreation (creative translation), a far more superior option, takes into consideration the nuances of local languages and creatively delivers content to readers in their mother tongues. When words are imbued with more than just literal meaning, the result is effective engagement that draws consumers into the world of your establishment effortlessly.