Stop Dangling the Wrong Carrots: How Revenue Incentive Plans Hurt Profits

Occupancy is high. You’re crushing your RevPar Index. And, you’re on pace to surpass your quarterly revenue targets as well as last year’s revenue. From the look of things, your revenue team (this includes marketing and revenue management) is blazing to success and should be credited and applauded for driving huge profits to your property. But, wait. Look closer.

Resort Reservations Agents: It’s NOT Our Job To Help Them Find What’s Available, But Rather To Help Them Decide To Book Right Now – By Doug Kennedy

Besides providing reservations sales training and telephone mystery shopping for the lodging industry, many companies have hired me to do consulting regarding their overall sales and service levels. In this case I often place calls myself directly to the reservations sales agents, which I find to be even more insightful than just listening to our KTN mystery shoppers here in the office doing so.