The Future Looks Bright – 5 Travel Trends to Track – PwC

To understand the latest shifts in travel expectations, attitudes and behaviors – as well as the sustainability of those shifts – PwC surveyed more than 1,300 US consumers in April 2021 and compared the results to earlier surveys conducted in April and August of 2020. Most respondents to our latest survey told us they have at least one flight and/or an overnight stay planned for business or leisure within the next 12 months

U.S. Air Travel Consumer Report: July 2021 Numbers

The total number of flights operated in July 2021 reached 86% of pre-pandemic levels with 605,508 flights operated in July 2021 compared with 702,876 flights operated in July 2019. Flights operated in July 2021 were 65% more than the 367,933 flights operated in July 2020.