U.S. Market Recovery Monitor – 17 April 2021 – STR

As expected, due to the end of the spring break leisure season, U.S. industry recovery came to a pause during the week ending 17 April as demand fell 4% week over week. The good news, room demand remained above 21 million for a fifth consecutive week. Occupancy for the week was 57.3% using STR’s standard methodology and 54.4% on a total-room-inventory (TRI) basis—the latter accounts for temporarily closed hotels.

Mumbai’s Rapid Hotel Recovery Faces Headwinds

Driven by domestic business travel and quarantine guests, Mumbai recaptured 65% of demand in February 2021 when compared with pre-pandemic levels. More importantly, group demand, which continues to lag in most markets worldwide, surpassed 70% of pre-pandemic levels during the month. Preliminary data for March showed a slowing in Mumbai’s demand amid rising COVID-19 case counts and subsequent tightened restrictions.