U.S. Market Recovery Monitor – 18 September 2021 – STR

In an unexpected turn, U.S. demand and occupancy advanced in the latest week of reporting (12-18 September 2021) to the best levels of the past four weeks. Weekly demand increased 1.2 million rooms to 24.3 million, which was the largest weekly gain of the past nine weeks, pushing occupancy to 63.0%. Subdued demand was expected this week due to the mid-week observance of Yom Kippur.

U.S. Market Recovery Monitor – 11 September 2021 – STR

Occupancy for the week ending 11 September 2021 was 60.0%, somewhat better than expected and boosted upward by Labor Day Sunday. Weekday demand was again augmented by the ongoing recovery efforts in Louisiana and surrounding markets due to the lingering impact from Hurricane Ida, but to a lesser extent than in the previous week.

PwC Manhattan Lodging Index: Q2 2021

Increases in occupancy, ADR and RevPAR accelerated across Manhattan during the second quarter, as the vaccine rollout gained traction in Q1 and early Q2, and the city began to relax restrictions put in place at the height of the pandemic. Off an easy comp (Q2 2020), second quarter RevPAR experienced a year-over-year increase of 103.4 percent, heavily weighted to performance during the month of June.