U.S. Hotels Viewpoint – An Updated 2020 Outlook – By Jamie Lane – Senior Managing Economist Econometric Advisors – Hotels Research

The lodging sector will face two headwinds: a contraction in overall economic activity and the need for social distancing, which encourages staying at home or in settings with few other humans; and not traveling. This will cause a severe decline in lodging demand in the U.S., as it has in other countries. CBRE estimates that RevPAR will decline 37% in 2020, with a contraction of more than 60% in Q2.

HotStats SPECIAL REPORT: COVID-19 Profit Impact on Asia Markets

The extent to which the coronavirus has impacted the global hotel industry is now coming into focus based on new data from HotStats, which provides further transparency in terms of the damaging impact of the disease on travel and, by extension, on hotel profitability. Beyond the virulence of the virus, this much is sure: property budgets are rendered useless, guidance is ineffective and market context is all the industry can truly rely on now to gain an understanding of the breadth of the virus’ impact.