Elevating the Human Experience in Hospitality – By Ashley Reichheld, Mark Allen, Dorsey Mcglone, Emily Ballbach, and Maggie Fletcher

The delight of a luxurious weekend getaway. The relief after a long day of travel. The joy of a family adventure exploring a new city. A hotel room is much more than a place to lay your head – it’s the setting for new experiences and the feelings that accompany them. These uniquely human feelings are easy to recognize, but almost impossible to describe.

Reinventing The Welcome: Finally, Self Check-In Has Been Done Right! – By Doug Kennedy

For decades now, some hoteliers and many hotel tech providers have been pushing hotel guests to embrace self check-in procedures. I first heard of this concept as a budding young entrepreneur floating my business plan for a hotel industry training company to the top minds in lodging. The year was 1989 and my proposed company name was Check-Inn Training. I remember one industry icon in particular who, upon seeing the name on my binder, said 'Bad idea young man.' He proceeded to hand me a copy of an article from what was then called Hotel & Motel Management, in which a headline read 'Front Desk Staffs To Be Replaced By Kiosk Check-in Machine.'

How Hotels Can Re-envision Front Desk Upselling to Improve the Guest Experience – By Jason G. Bryant Nor1 Founder and CEO

A night of playing board games has become a visit to the escape room, going to the park with the kids has become a trip to the climbing gym, and beers out with friends has turned into themed tours of local pubs, notes Forbes. Though millennials’ insatiable desire to do things rather than collect things has led the surge in the experience economy, the desire for experiences certainly isn’t limited to just one generation.