Take 5 Steps Now to Avoid Trouble With California’s New Privacy Act – By Jim Butler

Despite a general effective date of January 1, 2020, there are 5 steps that anyone doing business in California should take now to avoid problems under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (the Act) when it becomes effective. As a follow up to his original article explaining the important provisions of the Act, my partner Bob Braun provides us an important update on recent regulatory activity concerning the Act and provides practical guidance on what needs to be done now.

New Accessibility Regulations for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – By Jim Butler

As the number of electric and hybrid vehicles in California continues to grow, we are also seeing the proliferation of electric vehicle charging stations in the parking areas provided by hotels, theaters, stadiums and hotel mixed-use properties. While owners and managers of these facilities are providing a much-needed service to their guests, many are unaware that – at least in California – if their facility provides electric vehicle charging stations, a certain number of them must be accessible to the disabled.

Is Your Hotel Ready for the New Prop 65 Regulation Deadline? – By Jim Butler

For many years, businesses operating in California have been plagued by ‘bounty hunter’ and government lawsuits brought under Proposition 65 – the California law that requires warnings about hazardous substances. The technical disclosure requirements have bedeviled many legitimate businesses for some time. From our continuous interaction with members of the hotel industry, it appears to us that many are not aware of new requirements they must meet by August 30, 2018.

What Are the Main Hot Button Issues for Hotel Management Agreement Negotiations In 2018

We seek to identify the contemporary issues which we consider will be the most contentious and hence the ones which will take the most time to resolve. In our experience, negotiations are taking longer than was previously the case and in some instances significantly longer. These issues and the different perspectives and views that apply to them are significant contributors to the extension of time that negotiations are taking.

California Labor & Employment Law Update: Key Changes in 2017 and What’s Slated For 2018 – By Jim Butler

California has enacted a number of new regulations related to labor and employment that go into effect when 2018 begins. Hotels owners and developers with properties in California need to be aware of how these rules apply to their workforce so they can meet their legal obligations and remain in compliance with the law.

99 ADA Lawsuits Dismissed As Fraudulent and Malicious – By Jim Butler

JMBM’s ADA Compliance and Defense team, led by my partner Marty Orlick, continues to help hotels and other businesses achieve compliance under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), and is actively defending numerous ADA lawsuits brought against our clients. Today, he shares one of the stranger tales of serial ADA litigation and describes how the judicial system in New Mexico stopped the plaintiff and her lawyer from filing frivolous and malicious ADA lawsuits.