Personalization, Mobile Technology, and Networking Drive Attendee Engagement at Events, According to New Report

With nearly 70 percent of marketing leaders stating that events play a significant role in accelerating sales, meetings and events continue to be key business drivers for organizations around the world. According to a new report by Cvent and Edelman Intelligence, event professionals can deliver more impactful and profitable events through enhanced technology, tailored communication, and networking opportunities.

Horwath Industry Report: MOUs Explained – By ClĂ©mence Derycke

The negotiation of a hotel management agreement is a complex process, typically preceded by the negotiation of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) or a letter of intent. The MOU sets out the prime commercial terms presented by the operator on which the hotel management agreement package will later be drafted. Missing out on resolving issues at this preparatory phase may lead to either party finding itself in an unfavorable position when the management agreement package arrives.