How to Be an Inclusive Leader

As part of the Leading Diversity@Wharton speaker series, Dean Erika James and AT&T Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Corey Anthony spoke with Wharton’s Stephanie Creary about inclusive leadership in times of crisis.

70% of Destinations Have Lifted Travel Restrictions, but Global Gap Emerging

The number of destinations closed to international tourism has continued to fall. According to the eighth edition of the UNWTO Travel Restrictions Report, 70% of all global destinations have eased restrictions on travel introduced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In comparison, just one in four destinations continue to keep their borders completely closed to international tourists.

Hospitality Financial Leadership – A Bit About ‘You Sally’ – By David Lund

By someone’s estimate there are roughly one million hotels in the world. I take it that number includes all the different kinds of hotels from small inns and hostels all the way up to your full-service multi-outlet mega hotel operations. For simple math I am going to estimate that half of this number of hotels fall into the small inns and hostels, and that leaves 500,000 of what I’m going to call real hotels. Of those 500,000 I am willing to bet that 50 percent do not know about or use 'You Sally.”'

U.S. Flips to Positive Hotel Profit As Europe Backslides

Bouncing back to profitability is proving a Sisyphean task for U.S. hotels. The rest of the world is having a slightly easier path. For the seventh consecutive month, U.S. hotels in September remained in negative gross operating profit per available room territory and at $-9.19, it was a 34% regression from the month prior and a 109.6% year-over-year decrease, according to new data from HotStats.

U.S. Air Travel Consumer Report: September 2020 and 3rd Quarter 2020 Numbers

The 10 marketing network carriers reported 345,294 scheduled domestic flights in September 2020 compared to 398,470 flights in August 2020 and 660,712 flights in September 2019. Of those 345,294 scheduled flights, 0.7%, 2,523 flights, were canceled. As a result of schedule reductions and cancellations, the carriers reported operating 342,771 flights in September 2020, compared to 394,143 flights in August 2020 and the all-time monthly low of 180,151 flights in May 2020.